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PNGEC Commissioner Gamato receives Writ for Tari-Pori electorate

Papua New Guinea Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, received the Writ for the Tari-Pori electorate today.
Mr. Gamato commended the electorate for becoming the first in the country to complete its election process.
He said Tari-Pori had also set a benchmark for the whole country.
Member-elect James Marape said there are many lessons Papua New Guinea can learn from the Hela experience.
“ I am happy to see the Tari-Pori electorate has now set the benchmark for the country and I expect other electorates in Hela Province to follow suit and complete their counting in a peaceful and orderly manner as they are going on now.
I also want to thank the people of Tari Pori for the well behaved attitude that they have demonstrated and shown towards the success of the election in the Hela Province.
Today, I am humbled to hold the record as the first Returned Member-elect for the 2017 National Elections.
If Hela Province and my electorate can deliver a successful smooth conduct of elections, then, there are some lessons the nation can draw out of the Hela experience,” Mr Marape said.
NBC News/ PNG Today
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