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PNGEC is Independent and Makes its own decision - Public urged not to believe in Opposition Conspiracy Theories

Electoral Commission is Independent and Makes its Own Decisions – Public has had Enough of Opposition Conspiracy Theories 
The Prime Minister, Peter O’Neill  has called on Opposition Members to respect the independence of constitutional office holders and let the Electoral Commission get on with its mandated role.

PM O’Neill made the comment as voting in the National Election draws to a conclusion and counting is underway, and said some disparate members of the opposition continue to play politics.
“Ben Micah, Sir Mekere Morauta, Sam Basil and Patrick Pruaitch have released a statement from Cairns, Australia, demanding that the Ialibu-Pangia vote not be declared first,” the Prime Minister said.

“This is desperation from these candidates and an attempt to mislead the media of our Nation.
“The counting of votes has already begun in many provinces such as Hela, and the declaration of votes is a matter for the independent Electoral Commission.
“Micah and Morauta assume that I will win in Ialibu-Pangia, and I thank them for their confidence, but I will wait for the votes of the people to be counted and tallied.
“Enough is enough from desperate fallen leaders, who are now dropping to new-lows.
“At least Don Polye has chosen to separate from this rag-tag bunch and not be included in their statement.

“Let the Electoral Commission get on with its job, and in that process, these failed leaders of the past must stop trying to tarnish constitutional office holders.
“I do not know what other conspiracy theories these people are concocting in Cairns, but the timetable for the counting of votes has nothing to do with candidates, we wait for the result like everyone else.”
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