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Three Police officers injured as supporters of candidates clash in Wabag, Enga

Police  apprehended at least 35 scrutineers as of 11am today after they destroyed ballot boxes. Photo by Kennedy Giro
Three policemen have been critically injured when they intervened to stop the fight between supporters of candidates in Wabag this morning.
They are now at the Wabag Provincial Hospital and arrangements are underway to have them medivacked to Port Moresby for treatment.

The policemen are members of the security forces deployed for the election in the Highlands.
Wabag town has been under lock-down since this morning following the commotion amongst supporters of candidates contesting the Kandep Open Seat.

Yesterday there were issues at the counting center which resulted in scrutineers having a punch up resulting in police arresting a lot of them and sending them off to the police station cells.
And this morning from sketchy reports received, that there is talk that early this morning one faction went and waited at the Luper Guest house, there the returning officer for Kandep Ben Bazawe is sleeping,and as he was trying come out of that guest house for counting this morning he was shot at.
Unconfirmed Reports say two officers who accompanied him are dead,and he had been critically injured and are in Wabag hospital, ensuing from that supporters of another candidate mobilized and chased the other team,and there was a big commotion.
Counting remains suspended.
NBC News / PNG Today
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