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Borneo Pacific meets supply requirements, says PNG Health minister

Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals is one of 56 established suppliers in the country and has won a contract to procure medical supplies and should not be seen as the only company supplying medical kits, Health and HIV/Aids Minister Sir Puka Temu, says.

Sir Puka said this in response to recent public commentary on Borneo Pacific being contracted to procure 100 per cent medical supply kits for aid posts and health centres.
“All pharmaceutical suppliers that deal with NDOH (National Department of Health) are registered with the Pharmacy Board of Papua New Guinea.
“This registration attests that these companies meet storage and operations requirements stipulated by the Medicines and Cosmetics Act 1999.

“Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals is also one of the three companies that have attained ISO 9000 certification, the others being Sesago Limited and Boucher and Muir Limited,” Sir Puka said.
He said this certification attested that these companies had quality management systems and the department would continue to deal only with pharmaceutical establishments registered with the Pharmacy Board of Papua New Guinea.
This is to ensure compliance with pharmaceuticals services standards so that these companies import safe, efficacious and quality drugs.

“NDOH now has a medicines laboratory equipped with two high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) machines that will be able to test drugs that are brought into the country. These machines have been set up, commissioned, and should be operational by the end of Oct 2017.
“The testing undertaken at this new laboratory will give the public confidence that drugs imported into Papua New Guinea are safe, efficacious, and of good quality for the implementation of the Government’s free primary health care policy,” he said.

He emphasised that all drugs procured by Health Department were sourced from manufacturers that complied with World Health Organisation good manufacturing practices and norms. The department will implement new measure to improve the distribution of medical supplies in future to make sure the country has a reliable supply. The National/PNG Today/ Press Release
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