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Department Secretaries warned of sacking over government expenditures

The Government Chief Secretary, the Secretary of the Department of Personnel Management, and other government department secretaries have been warned of being sacked if they cannot manage a blowout of expenses.

Finance Minister James Marape says the government pays an excessive and unbelievable K300m each to both public servants pays and rents for office space every year.
Mr Marape says these are the biggest government's expenditures every year, and MUST be reduced.
"This number has been sitting there for the last five years, and I want to cut on that Secretary (John) Kali.
"I ask Chief Secretary, tell all your secretaries that if you blow your budgets out of proportion in as far as personnel emoluments are concerned you deserve to be sacked.
"K300m on personnel emoluments alone is not good enough.
"I request also to office allocation, where another K300m is spent, we cannot continue to spend on that.
"I think there needs to be a review on office allocation."
The Finance Minister highlighted this to Members of the 10th Parliament during their induction at Parliament House yesterday.
NBC News - Rose Amos
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