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Governor Parkop reveals the reasons why his SDP party supports PM O'Neill's Government

I would like to humbly take this opportunity to thank every one who have given me their mandate to lead them again as Governor of NCD, our capital city Port Moresby.
I firstly would like to thank my partner and my family for all their support, prayers, sacrifices and patience in staying strong with me, with 100% unconditional support in seeing me through the entire election process.
Secondly I thank all the executives from our SDP party, team PP who have been tirelessly doing all the work on the ground to ensure everything runs smoothly and all my faithful loyal supporters. Without you I will not be here as your Governor.

I also thank all other NCD candidates. Although there can be only be one winner, we all gave our best shot and I wish you all the best for the next term.
The elections, campaigning and counting and declaring has been a very stressful time and I am happy it's all over now and we can shift our focus to the real work at hand. We are now in the process of forming a solid stable Government. I know there are some voters who prefer me to join the Kokopo Camp and some the Alotau camp. And I am writing this from the Alotau camp.
Why Alotau some of our supporters and people around the country will obviously be wondering.
We in SDP and I personally made this decision for the following reasons.

1. Firstly we have been part of the Coalition Government with PNC and we have no reason to abandon the coalition despite all the criticism and political bad mouthing. We believe in continuity of service delivery and the success we have achieved so far. One just don't end political alliance easily. Definitely not because of emotional onslaught. There must be substantial grounds to abandon political allegiance and a strong reason to form new ones. The fact remains we can't change everything overnight and sometimes we gotta win some and loose some. However moving forward on this this platform, I think it's a better ship with a more refined captain ready to steer the course in the right direction.

2. Despite all the hype, emotional trauma we and our families have been subjected to, the criticism and rubbish propaganda, the Government under Peter Oneill between 2012 to 2017 has performed better than other governments in the past especially the previous NA led Government that held office between 2002 to 2011. In the 10 years plus that NA was in Govt that was the time in which we had highest economic growth in the world at 10 to 12 percent. They had so much money and so many surpluses and windfalls. K9 billion Kina was parked in various trust accounts in which only the then Treasurer, Puraitch and Minister for Planning then Paul Teinstein were signatories. They did not want to deposit the money in consolidated revenue as that would mean having to wait for Parliamentary approval before they use or access it.

What happened to that K9 billion? How many roads, schools, airports, scholarships, health care etc that NA led government can proudly say they have built or initiated in those 10 years? They have nothing and the money is all gone. If we compare that to what the PNC led Government have achieved in just 4 years with less revenue, low growth and deficit budget, we have so much tangible infrastructure to boast about. We may not have not solved all the problems and challenges in the country but we have done much better than previous governments.

3. SDP will not join a Government led by NA or Sir Mekere Morauta. Despite all the hype around Morauta, there is not much that he has achieved for the City or the nation. On the contrary the decision that was made when Morauta was in Government to give legal immunity to BHP for all the environmental damages done to Ok Tedi and Fly River and his subsequent decision to be appointed as Chairman of PNG Sustainable Development Ltd, the entity set up by BHP to 'reward' the Fly River and Ok Tedi River people for that favour erode any faith we can have in Sir Mekere. His motive to come back to politics after 15 years and reaching the highest pinnacle of power, to be PM too, is also questionable. One can't help reach the conclusion that he is being used by BHP after suffering legal set backs in court over PNGSDP and Government decision to lift the immunity against BHP.
4. The alternative Government at Kokopo is not attractive. Most of their discourse are mere critical discourses and not substantive. The likes of Pangu and PMFC don't have platforms or policies that offer real workable alternatives and also have no proven track record to have delivered to their provinces.

5. The politics of Pangu and PMFC are politics of division and hate. They have not campaigned on their platforms and policies but on a hate campaign, demonising and denigration. They have created an environment where it is hard to be in the same camp with them or in others words, they have burn the bridges that could offer some working relationships for the future.

6. Peter Oneill is not perfect but he is better than Sir Mekere or Patrick Puraitch.

7. During the meeting here in Alotau, the team have adopted some of our SDP economic resuscitation plan and we have agreed to fulfil if not all most of the elected MP's campaign agenda for the benefit of the people. Practically everyone questioned if the policies and framework set at Alotau Accord 11 world bring development to the people in the electorates we were voted in. It gave us a lot of confidence in sticking by PNC and the coalition here.

8. Just to clear the air, NO money or so called millions were offered to lure MP's here. If so, I am still waiting for my million or maybe I might have to go to room 202? No one was bought, kidnapped or hijacked. Most 2nd time MP's also chose stability, continuity and partnership to serve another term together for the highest good of our people. Those who didn't make it, has made way for the new candidates chosen by the people to represent them and we are happy to bring them on board too.
There is so much more I want to write and sometimes words defy us and I will write more later to see how our coalition team members move from here. We are confident to form Government but politics being politics, I have been there and done that and I know what will work and what wouldn't and I have made my choice for the betterment of my people and for me to choose the side that will make it possible for me to carry out all the things that I want to do for our city and for our country. That's is the highest most important goal for me, to leave a legacy that can be appreciated by the next generation and the generations to come. Like I always say, Port Moresby is bigger than all of us and Papua New Guinea is greater that all of us put together.

Thank you once again and let's see how it all goes on the floor of parliament tomorrow. Thank you.
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