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Security Call-out Extended to Enga and Southern Highlands Provinces

Tribal Warriors marching in Wabag
PNG Prime Minister,  Peter O’Neill   has announced the expansion of the security call-out in Hela Province to prevent unrest in Enga Province and Southern Highlands Province.
PM O’Neill said the call-out is allowed under the existing order for Hela Province.
"Our patience has ended with troublemakers in both Enga Province and Southern highlands Province, and the call-out in the Highlands will now enable Defence and Police personnel to work together to maintain order,” PM O’Neill said.

“There will be zero-tolerance for any further interruptions to law and order and community safety.
"The behaviour we are witnessing by small groups is totally unacceptable and is impacting on the lives of men, women and children in these areas.
“I am issuing a very clear warning to people seeking to cause disruption, that you will be faced with the full effort of our disciplined services, arrested and tried for criminal acts.”
The Prime Minister said the activities of disruptive groups is particularly disappointing considering the relative calm of the recent elections in the Highlands.
“Throughout the campaigning and voting periods we saw a big change of attitudes from previous elections in these areas.

“It is disappointing that towards the end of vote counting that we are seeing this unruly behaviour.
“I further call on community leaders to work with disciplined services, and help to prevent anti-social behaviour in your areas.
“We all have a responsibility for maintaining peaceful communities, and our community leaders have a major role to play and ensuring safety and security.
“The Highlands has such great potential as the regional economy continues to grow, and as more people are educated and healthcare continues to expand.
“The actions of a relative few will not be allowed to undermine this development, and we will do all we can to protect the safety and development of our people.

“I thank the personnel from our disciplined services for their efforts so far in current call-out, particularly during the election, and look forward to them continuing to exercise their authority in a professional manner.”
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