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Suao questions the appointment of Burnoeo Pacific Pharmacy to supply drugs in PNG

The appointment of the Burnoeo Pacific Pharmacy to supply medicinal drugs in the country should be reviewed by the new health ministry and government, according to a reliable source yesterday (15/08/2017).
The General Secretary of PNG Health Support Workers Association (PNGHSWA) Jack Suao claimed that Burnoeo Suppliers were not promising enough for their services.

“The reappointment of Borneo to continue the supply of medicines in hospitals is not in the best interest because the firm has already being implicated for its poor supply and management as proven last couple of months ago,” Suao said adding that the hospitals faced serious drug shortage problems.
“There are other similar service providers who can do competitive work and deliver medicines on time rather than patients waiting then dying,” he said.
Suao said that he expects the new Health and HIV/AIDS Minister, Dr Puka Temu to look into those outstanding issues while congratulating him.

 “On behalf of the Health Support Workers in the Department of Health, Hospitals, Provincial Health Authority (PHA) and Health Centre’s across the country, I take their time off to congratulate you on your appointment as a Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS under the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill,” he said.
Suao said that he would work closely with Hon Temu as it is not a new job for him.
The general secretary also stated that there were lots of errors in the Health Service delivery throughout the country in the last five (5) years failing to implement the government policies.
“There are administrative problems (clinicians and non-clinicians disparities), shortage of man power, logistics to support the clinician service deliver and many strategic issues,” Suao said.
He also highlighted the housing problem faced by the health workers across the nation.
Meanwhile Suao said his office is not new to Hon Dr Temu as he was a former Health Secretary before he left for election.
“Dr Temu knows us very well and we have been there with him and we will maintain it during his term in the office as Minister, he said.
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