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Transparency International PNG against appointment of Duma

Transparency International PNG is calling on the Prime Minster to keep his promise to the people, and revoke the appointment of Hagen Open MP, William Duma, as Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investment.
Mr. Duma was one of the two ministers, along with several departmental heads, who were sidelined in March for a controversial land deal, worth K46m, to transfer a military base to Manumanu, outside Port Moresby.
In a statement, TIPNG says Peter O’Neill, is on public record as making a clear commitment to the people that the estimated K2m Administrative Inquiry will examine the details of the land deal.
TIPNG says so far, Mr O'Neill has fallen short of his own standards with no publication of the findings of the inquiry, and now the reappointment of Mr. Duma with no consideration of his promise to the people.
It says Papua New Guineans expect leaders to be cleared of all alleged serious wrong-doings before they are entrusted to make decisions which will affect the people.
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