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Wenge decries Pangu's dirty politics in Morobe

Luther Wenge, the former Governor of Morobe who ran a close second to Pangu’s Ginson Saonu, today called for Morobe to be split into two provinces.

He said his experience across the years and in this year’s election has been that Morobe is too big to cover for campaigning purposes and for services delivery by one Governor.

“The resources needed to cover Morobe for one candidate is about the same as that needed to cover two provinces elsewhere,” he said. “The same can be said for the delivery of goods and services to the people. The province is just too big to cover adequately.”

Mr Wenge who ran under the United Party banner could muster only 89,000 votes and lost to Mr Saonu who collected over 120,000.

The two time governor also decried what he described as  “personal dirty politics” that he encountered throughout this elections.

“I have a proven track record and yet the cultist Pangu movement in Morobe branded me a con-man, a man who should be a church leader and not a politician and a highlander,” he said.

“Sam Basil told everybody he was going to be the Prime Minister and told the people to dump leaders with proven track record like the Member for Finschhafen (Theodore Zurenuoc), the Member for Tewaii Siassi (Mao Zeming) and myself.

“The Pangu cult campaign has destroyed household names and people with demonstrated leadership quality.

“It might be said to be a good election campaign and those who have won will say I am just mouthing sour grapes but I think it is a recipe for disaster for Morobe if Sam Basil gets dumped with his Pangu MPs in the Opposition. That would be the case of putting all your eggs in one basket, the wrong basket.

“Finally, I should like to congratulate Peter O’Neill and wish him the best in his endeavour to form the next government.

“PNC, not Pangu, has demonstrated that Morobe and Lae matters. Sam Basil delivered to Bulolo under a Government led by PNC which delivered to the rural areas, who put children in schools and who cared for the cost of health care for our rural people.

“O’Neill delivered Lae roads, the Lae Wharf expansion, Tidal Basin and Industrial Park, the four land road to Nadjab and now the expansion of Nadjab Airport to international standards.

“As a Morobean leader I say that Peter O’Neill should be Prime Minister. I call on him to also forget the Pangu cultist movement and know that the people of Morobe stand yet beside him so that he can make important decisions like separating our province into two in the best interest of Morobe.”

Post Courier/PNG Today
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