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Women not represented in PNG Parliament

Woman not been elected into parliament this elections has nothing to do with gender rather it is their leadership.

Chief Ombudsman Michael Dick made this statement when speaking about woman not been elected into parliament this elections in a joint press conference today with UNDP, Registry of Political Parties and Third runner up female candidate in Central Regional seat Mrs. Rufina Peter in a way of raising awareness on woman.
He says leadership is a performance by an individual despite woman taking on challenges in a society were man are seen as leaders.

“It’s a sad thing to not seen woman been elected into parliament “said Mr. Dick.
He said the government should consider electronic voting for election as it shows real freedom of voting in the country.

Mr Dick further stated that legislative systems and processes needed to be changed and looked into to see a fare, free and safe elections were more woman been can be elected into the parliament.
Also in the conference, Mrs Rufina Peter said that among the key challenges faced by woman candidates in the recent elections academic qualifications played a major role in seen a woman been elected into parliament.

Mrs Peter said despite challenges like politics is for men, financial and logistics, academic qualifications made a difference in seen people vote for leaders.
Meanwhile, The United Nations development programme has joined the registrar of political parties, the chief ombudsman and highest polling female candidate in the national elections held the joint conference to call for political leaders, government and voters to commit to real change to progress female participation in politics.

“This is a very poor result and reflects badly on everyone were 50% of the population have no representation in the highest decision making institution of the country” said UNDP head of governance Assistant representative Julie Bukiken.  PNGFM
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