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PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea - As part of the 42nd Independence anniversary celebrations,
members of the PepsiPNG Men’s and Women’s National Basketball Teams took the streets of Port
Moresby to showcase the two FIBA Melanesia Basketball Cups.
During the day, over 5,000 people had the chance to get up close with the two hand-carved trophies,
taking photos with the silverware and selfies with their favourite PepsiPNG National Team players.
The tour commenced on Saturday morning in Kaugere, before the convoy made stops in Badili, Koki, Ela
Beach, Town and Hohola.
PepsiPNG Men’s National Team Head Coach Joel Khalu said getting the trophies on display to the public
was a great way to promote the international event that will be taking place in the last week of September.
“The kids especially, really enjoyed holding the trophies and taking pictures,” Khalu said.

“Fans were excited and kept saying that they were looking forward to watching our team’s play.”
Men’s star Apia Muri felt the ‘buzz’ while mixing with fans on the tour.
“Papua New Guineans love basketball,” Muri said.
“You could really tell that with the way they were coming up to get pictures with us and the trophies.”
“It was a great feeling getting well wishes from our supporters and I can’t wait to play,” Muri added.

The 2017 FIBA Melanesia Basketball Cup presented by Paradise Beverages commences on
Wednesday, September 27 at the Taurama Aquatic & Indoor Centre (TAIC).
For more information, please contact BFPNG Chief Executive Officer Joel Khalu on khalujoel@gmail.com
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