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Sir Nagora disappointed with Basil's decision to join the government

A public outcry and dismay continues in Morobe province over the move by the Leader of PANGU Pati, Sam Basil and 11 other members of the party joining the government.
Prominent Morobean, Sir Nagora Bogan, who had contested the Lae Open seat under a PNG National Party ticket, is the latest to join the chorus of disappointments.

In a statement, Sir Nagora says it is painful to see the move after Mr Basil had put much into resurrecting the PANGU from near demise.
Sir Nagora says Mr Basil was also given much support from one of the party’s founder, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare when handing over the party leadership to him, and even campaigning strongly for him and candidates under the PANGU.
The once academic and former Tax Review Committee Chairman also says Morobe has had strong roots into PANGU through eminent leaders like Tony Voutas, Sir Boyamo Sali, Sir Jerry Nalau and Tony Ila among others, and the move is disapproving.
Morobe province had spoken loud about the leadership it wants; voting in PANGU Pati in 9 of the province’s ten electorates, and Sir Nagora says he cannot understand which voice, if it was from the people, Mr Basil was listening to.

He also mocked the term “friends to all enemies to one” Mr Basil had coined at the end of the elections, as only a betrayal of the people of Morobe and the country, when their expectations are ditched.
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