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ANZ launches new security feature on Internet Banking platforms in PNG

ANZ has launched a new security feature on its Internet Banking platform which will reduce the risk of fraud against customers in Papua New Guinea.

The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds additional layers of security before a customer can access their Internet Banking account.

ANZ PNG CEO Mark Baker said, “We’re committed to continually improving our products and services to ensure they align with ANZ’s global security standards. This security feature will further protect our customers who use internet banking, in an environment where cyber-crime continues to grow.”

“This is a great enhancement to our digital offering, however we still urge our customers to be diligent with their personal information. Please keep PINs and other banking details completely confidential, and don’t forget to change them regularly,” Mr Baker said.

ANZ PNG customers using Internet Banking are encouraged to activate 2FA by contacting the ANZ PNG Call Centre on (+675) 321 1079.

New customers will have 2FA automatically activated when they register for an internet banking account.

Picture sourced from camberwellshopping.com.au
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