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Telikom launches 3G and 4G mobile Internet services in Goroka

Goroka MP Henry Ame congratulated Telikom for boosting communication coverage and efficiency through its 4G service.
He said it was not only an achievement for Telikom but a bonus for the people of Goroka and the whole province as well.
“I am sure I speak for the people of Goroka in welcoming the introduction of the 4G service by Telikom into Goroka.
“Information is knowledge and knowledge is gained or shared through communicating. Therefore communication is a very vital part of development, whether it be human development or nation building.
“Telikom can be proud that it has been an integral part of the development of this nation from the beginning.”
Telikom national retail manager Amos Tepi said it was a state-owned entity mandated to provide reliable and affordable service to the people.
“Mobile communication is the global trend in communication so rather than just introduce the current generation of GSM service, Telikom PNG has gone ahead to invest in the latest 3G/4G LTE mobile network that is futuristic to be able to cater for new generation of 4.5G or 5G mobile communication when the need to upgrade arises.” ....read more on >> PNG Technology News

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