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Dormant Volcano in PNG discharges smoke

A volcano on Kadawar Island in East Sepik in Papua New Guinea has erupted after decades of being dormant, NBC News reprots.

According to NBC, a  Samaritan Aviation's Chief Pilot Mark Palm got  photographs of the dormant volacono that was releasing smoke when he flew close to the island.

They were notified by a villager on the Island, the volcano started spewing smoke yesterday.

Kadawar Island has a population of about 600 people, and is 18 miles outside the Sepik River delta, and is closer to Madang's Manam Island.

Captain Palm told NBC News, the East Sepik Provincial Planning Office sent a team to the Island to monitor the situation.

They will be sending supplies to the island in the interim, but are looking at relocating the islanders if the situation worsens.

NBC News - Gregory Moses

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