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SHP Provincial Government budgets K3million for Tertiary fees

As the 2018 academic year kicks off for some students, others especially those attending the tertiary institutions throughout the country are still lagging behind due to the lack of funding for the annually increasing school fees.

However, it has been a tradition for governors and members of parliament to step in to ease the burden that has been placed on parents and guardians.

Therefore the government of Southern Highlands under the leadership of William Powi has come to the aid of the parents and students from the province attending various universities throughout the country with K3 million allocated for school fee subsidies.

The students from the University of PNG, the University of Technology, University of Goroka, the PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment, Divine Word University, Pacific Adventist University and the Jubilee University will have their government cater for a certain portion of their tuition fees.

In the meantime, the SHP government sympathizes with the students attending colleges and other tertiary institutions who will not receive any subsidies due to the cut in the 2018 budget to the provinces.
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