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Haus Ples Revolutionizes Real Estate Online Search

Papua New Guinea’s leading real estate website Hausples.com.pg has launched a new website and mobile app to give users a world-class experience.

The new multi-million Kina online platform and app will provide a one stop online shop for property renters and buyers and give sellers and landlords exposure in a very competitive market.

Hausples GM Tom Snelling said the creation of the new website and app is in response to the growth of digital technology in PNG, and acknowledges the increasing number of people who are using the internet to source more information regarding real estate in PNG.

“Hausples.com.pg was launched in 2013 as Papua New Guinea’s first ever specialized real estate portal. The aim of our new website and app was to revolutionise PNG’s online real estate experience again, making it even easier for people to find their dream home without the stress and effort of running around Town. “

Key features of the new website include its map search function which allows users to circle the area in which they would like to find a new home for sale or rent in PNG.

“The user is immediately presented with a list of properties in that search zone per their specific search criteria. Users are also able to not only search by location, but also by landmark,” added Mr Snelling.

The site has also introduced specialised listings for New Developments, Compounds and Apartments which display every available home for sale and rent within that property, plus amenities and detailed location guides. Mr Snelling explained that “This allows users to instantly see all available homes within a given multi-dwelling property.”

To compliment the new website, Hausples.com.pg has pioneered the first ever real estate search app in PNG, which is now available in both the IOS and Android app store for free download.

The app allows a much simpler, faster-running and user-friendly interface for property seekers to find their dream home straight from their mobile phone.

Thanks to this new technology Papua New Guineans can save time searching for a home and more time relaxing with family.

After all, what is the point of living in a fantastic new home if you don’t have time to enjoy it?
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