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Asian Organised Crime Syndicates in Papua New Guinea

Northern Governor Gary Juffa 
Commentary by Hon. Governor Gary Juffa 

I have been at the forefront of fighting Transnational crimes during my time in Customs for a little over a decade.

During this time the most powerful transnational criminal entity we encountered was the Asian Organized Crime syndicates originating mainly from Malaysia and China.

A small team of PATRIOTS in Customs, Police, Defense, NIO, Migration and also working in Government agencies recognized the danger and worked to strengthen our capacity to fight these criminals and protect our people, our economy and our future. The group established several platforms to fight the growing threat of Transnational Crimes - National Anti Corruption Alliance, Transnational Crimes Unit, Asian Organized Crime Unit and others...were created to take on the most dangerous of all crimes to a nations development.

Why are transnational crimes the most dangerous for a nations development? Because they deprive entire economies of vital revenues needed for growth and managing the well being of a people while plotting a pathway for future development and prosperity. Transnational criminals take these monies literally before they enter our revenue streams and divert it to their own illicit use.

Today as I look around me, all our efforts have been deconstructed and are in a shambles. Almost every entity we created and positioned to fight transnational crimes have been dismantled. Almost all the patriots are displaced or have been removed.

The extent to which these Asian Organized Criminal Syndicates have infiltrated and are basically running or ruining our beloved country is overwhelming.

Their ability to ensure appointments of public servants, Ministers and influence decisions even to manipulate, suppress or hush up administration and or enforcement of our laws is profoundly serious. It is indeed a major threat to our national security, our future.

I am not speaking of legitimate Asian investors of which we have many who respect our laws and pay their taxes and go about their business in harmony with other foreign investors and in compliance with our laws.

I am speaking of a small but powerful cartel of criminals who entered PNG for the exclusive purpose of raping our forests and to a lesser degree our oceans. They mainly originate from Malaysia but have strong roots in China. It must be carefully stated here that not all businesses and individuals from China and Malaysia are in any way shape or form connected to this group of criminal syndicates, many are indeed genuine honest investors, however the syndicates that I speak of originate from these countries. Indeed to tackle them successfully we shall need the assistance of these countries.

Since entering PNG they have taken control of many Government Departments and have established extensive political connections. It seems every Government agency is somehow infiltrated. Many genuine public servants are sacked, marginalised and eventually cast out. Eventually the Government Agency serves first these criminals and second everyone else..including PNG.

Whilst manipulating Government entities to do their bidding, they have also managed to render any effort to counter them useless, reducing them to entities with no funding or capacity.

They have also attacked many local original Chinese and have taken over many of their businesses and have grown strength to strength sending many quietly packing. They have even made it difficult for genuine Asian investors who seek to establish genuine businesses in PNG.

These criminal syndicates engage in drug manufacturing and distribution, illegal gaming, human and firearms trafficking, human smuggling, extortion, blackmail, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, prostitution, bribery, corruption, landgrabbing, tax evasion and resource theft. The proceeds of their crimes are funnelled offshore and rediverted into legitimate appearing enterprises. Many have reinvested into PNG.

Today, they control our political and economic landscape far more than we care to imagine.

And most of our people, even the learned, are totally oblivious.

They are a cancer eating into our nation's very marrow and soon if they infect the entire nation, they will end the future we all hope for. In fact they will design their future and we shall all be mere consequences.

Yet, the blame for their growth lies with us. Yes, you and I. It is our apathy and lackluster interest in protecting PNG that allows this to be a reality. It is especially the corrupt in our public service and parliament and even private sector that help facilitate this.

Is this what PNG gained independence from colonialism for? To be recolonized all over under criminals?

A time is coming soon when all PAPUA NEW GUINEANS must decide whether they wish to continue living marginalized in a country whose economy, civil service and political landscape are almost wholly in the grip of ASIAN ORGANIZED CRIME and their PNG accomplices...or be truly free..your decision today..will determine your children's tomorrow...

There is hope though..these characters are not so hard to identify and expose...and root out if there is a will and an effort...a collective PNG wide effort.

Will you make that effort?

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