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Bougainville is for Bougainvilleans, says Miriori

The former BOUGAINVILLE INTERIM GOVERNMENT and BRA secretary and a local businessman, MARTIN MIRIORI says Bougainville is for Bougainvilleans and not for sale to any corrupt so called businessmen or women from China or Asians for that matter who have now almost completely taken over all business activities in Buka town from the locals.
He said that Bougainvilleans have paid a very high price to protect their motherland with the loss of more than 20,000 lives during then ten years of bloody conflict.
MR. MIRIORI said that we did not fight and died to see some outsiders come and do business here and in the process marginalize our own people and make them spectators on their own land.
He said we can only welcome genuine foreign investors to come and work with us and not this type of low life Chinese exploiters who are already giving our people unnecessary competition in operating retail and wholesale shops, food bars, hardware outlets and selling spare parts which are supposed to be reserved for only our local people. New Dawn FM
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