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Bougainvillea Referendum Awareness not far reaching

The Referendum Awareness being carried out by the ABG Members is not far reaching to the Bougainville populace.
Chief Paul Osipari from Pomalate Village in the Bana District says that he has not heard any of his member’s referendum awareness.
Mr Osipari who is from the Lato Constituency says there is still a lot of confusion at the community level about how the referendum process works.
He says there is a looming uncertainty amongst the people about choosing an option for self-determination that will be in the best interest of Bougainville.
He adds that the average Bougainvillean might not be highly educated but they do have the common sense to discern for themselves if properly educated on the referendum.
He says without the necessary information people remain oblivious to the referendum and most are indifferent as to how the process will play out in 2019.
He also raised his concerns on the lacking awareness materials from the ABG’s Bureau of Media and Public Affairs through the mainstream media.
With the deplorable state of the communications infrastructure on Bougainville this has been the biggest challenge in maintaining a steady flow of information to the people.
The ABG members themselves received a K50, 000.00 grant for constituency awareness but that has also proven unsuccessful in reaching much of the people. New Dawn FM
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