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Smart phones can now project images. What’s next?

By Melisha Yafoi in Beijing

AS technology continues to revolutionize the way we to do things every day, manufacturers are also racing to create more innovations for the ever growing demand for newer, faster and better technology.
One of such technology is the creation of a projector smart phone by a Chinese technology company called He Nan Super Grand Electronics Technology.
General manager Feng Min told the Post-Courier a week ago during an exhibition that this projector smart phone has come a long way since 2014.
So what makes this smart phone different from the others?
It has a preinstalled projector. Yes a projector; and that is what makes this smart phone different from all the other smart phones.
This product hit the market in 2015 with its first generation prototype but due to poor market conditions at the time, it recorded poor sales and did not generate the interest anticipated.
After studying the first generation, the company went ahead to build a second generation of the same brand this time with improved features that reflected the expectations and needs of their customers.
Feng said that was when they saw the market pickup well and interests coming in from outside of China.
However this has not stopped them to do more as they introduced the third generation.
All of these creations has given the smart phone 14 patterns, a new technology with a complete set of what a smart phone should be like.
Since its inception into the market in 2014, He Nan Super Grand has managed to manufacture and sell over half a million smart phones.
According to Feng, the market for the first generation was very low because it was a new product and the world was hesitant to explore its possibilities.
“This is the improvement of our technology, the second generation and the third generation of mobile phone… the market is very good.
Because more and more customers learn about this technology and this mobile phone,” she said.
She added since the inception of their business, it has grown rapidly reaching not only domestic customers but has reached out to wider markets in other Asian countries.
Feng said in terms of sales they are looking forward to see this 1billion RMB (K5.9m) business be one of the top technology business with worldwide retail networks.
“Because it is a good market for now, our products can be exported to some countries like Bangladesh, Malaysia, France and also Cambodia and Vietnam.
“We are also looking at India, Ghana and Benin and also the countries outside the Belt and Road Initiative.”
Why do you need this?
“Because this is the completion of a mobile phone which is very easy and is very convenient for the business elites, including ordinary people, staff and government officials who would like to do business presentations using PPT platforms,” Feng said.
Some features includes TV programs and movies which can be easily accessed using this phone.
This phone has replaced the functions of the simple laptop but can replace the use of projectors completely in the future.
She said once this smart phone has gained popularity, it will soon be the next ‘I must have this smart phone’ especially for business executives and diplomats.
“The applications on this technology will have a promising future,” Feng said, adding; “I think the technology in this smartphone projector will be more important in the near future”. Post courier

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