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St Johns Ambulance attack regrettable, unfortunate : Governor Parkop

The attack on St. Johns ambulance during the annual Trukai Fun Run on Sunday is something NCD Governor Powes Parkop brands as ‘regrettable, shameful and unfortunate.’

Mr Parkop also extended similar remarks to another incident suffered by The National Newspaper’s senior photo-journalist who had his camera stolen when he turned up to take pictures of the event.

He said this ill-behaviour is the work of a few opportunists who were keeping their eyes on easy targets and vulnerable members of the public.

The newspaper reported that these thieves made an attempt to steal ambulance equipment, including a defibrillator.

“They were there on standby for medical emergencies had there been any....why rob the equipment that could be used to save both you and your family's lives when seeking medical emergencies."

“We have intervened with necessary funds to ensure ambulances continue to provide much needed services to our city and Central Province. We have assisted them to equip themselves well to serve our people. This incident is regrettable and disgraceful,” he said.

“Everyone should make it their business to ensure such attacks on life-savers come to an end so that the ambulance workers can attend to the needy without second thoughts.

“We should thank them for saving lives whilst putting theirs on the line as part of their duty,” said an angry Parkop who was very upset by this incident.

While condemning the both incidents, he applauded Trukai Industries and other stakeholders for staging yet another successful event with a massive turn-out in the city.

He said the Walk and Yoga for Life was suspended temporarily and merged with the fun run which complemented well with his bid to promote an active, healthy, liveable, clean and safe city.

While speaking on the positive aspects of such events, he regretted that the newspaper gave more prominence on the bad than its goodness.

He also joined the call by the Commissioner and Chief Officer for St John's Ambulance, Matt Cannon for a full investigation of the incident and have those culprits arrested and charged accordingly. Statement
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