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PNG authorities finding it hard to deal with defamation attacks on Facebook

Papua New Guinea Communication, Information Technology and Energy Minister Sam Basil says that it is “very hard to track people using ghost names” in posting defamatory comments using Facebook.
“My department is still looking at ways to stop Facebook and if we have solutions we will bring it to Parliament and announce it so that I will make public statements,” he said.
“However there are laws to fight cybercrime. And I think the crime committed on Facebook for defaming not politicians but others is serious. There is lot of complaints on defamation on Facebook.
“So we want to make sure that our police are well equipped and understand how to investigate and prosecute and enforce the cybercrime law. My department through the National Information and Communications Technology Authority of PNG (Nicta) is urging all Papua New Guineans to register their SIM cards and in doing so we can track and trace people. And I call on every one to register their SIM cards within two weeks. At the moment it is very hard to track and trace the users committing those crimes.”
Kagua-Erave MP Wesley Raminai said Facebook needed to be banned because defamatory comments were always posted on it.
“PNG can live without Facebook like China and other developed countries, yet they have a vibrant economy,” Raminai said.

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