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Cabrini medical team visits Madang

Immediately upon arrival the Cabrini team they were welcomed by Professor Jerzy Kuzma from DWU and Modilon Hospital and were accommodated at the Madang Resort. The following day they were taken on a cruise of the Madang Harbourcourtesy of Sir Peter Barter.

The former Cabrini team leader, Dr John Griffiths visited PNG first in 1998, since then has been 17 times with the orthopedic mission working initially in Wewak and now in Madang.

Team leader Fr Adrian Trivett is on his second visit and the main purpose is to provide the support in development of orthopedic services in Madang. When Dr Trivett was asked – What is the motivation behind your coming here? – he stated laconically: “we come to help, to teach and to work”. Cabrini Hospital is committed to take an active part in the development of orthopedic and medical services along the Pacific region.

There is a long-lasting and close relation between Cabrini and Modilon Hospital that has resulted in has substantial advance of orthopedic services in Madang as well as other successful developmental programs.

Among these support projects, apart from the annual visits, Cabrini Hospital have supported the development of a new orthopedic ward at Modilon General Hospital, significant donation of orthopedic instruments, arthroscopy set and implants valued over K500,000, architectural and engineering design of the new operating theatre now in full operation and organizing histopathology examination critical for adequate cancer treatment.

In addition to the above, Cabrini have funded the extension of the dental section and renovations of administration building and hospital lecture room.

This time the team consists of two orthopedic surgeons Dr. Trivett and Dr Dalalana, anesthesiologists Dr Andeana and scrub nurse Sr. Thompson. They have worked for one week since their arrival on Oct 6 during which time they have consulted 38 patients and operated on 24 patients. Apart from saving many orthopedic patients from disability, by operating together with local surgeons they are passing skills and expertise on local doctors building in this way our capacity to upgrade orthopedic services in the country.

Professor Jerzy Kuzma, from DWU and Modilon Hospital thanked Cabrini and the visiting orthopedic team for their friendship and commitment to the development of orthopedic services in the country.
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