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Journalist research finds severe drug shortage in PNG

A research by prominent journalist and blogger Scott Waide has revealed that claims by Health Minister Sir Puka Temu are false and misleading.

Findings of the research posted on facebook last week, show a critical shortage of medical supplies across the country and proves that thousands of people are dying or suffering because of the government's mismanagement and waste in the health sector.

Former Prime Minister and Moresby North West MP Sir Mekere Morauta said the Prime Minister and Health Minister should stop pretending that the health system is functioning properly.

The health system is in crisis with a number of hospitals and clinics running low of medical supplies.

This is evident in Madang , Oro, Kwiklia, Bougainville , Kimbe, Hagen and Angau who have been without pain killers, antibiotics and TB drugs for quite some time.

The results were shocking and demonstrated negligence by the government on the health system particularly in rural areas.

Sir Mekere said the government should admit that the health system is in crisis and takes urgent steps to fix the problem, rather than spending millions of kina on APEC.

Meanwhile, Health Minister Sir Puka Temu had stated in a press release recently that there are enough drug supplies available in the country.

Sir Puka said, the reports on social media are not true.

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