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PNG Facebook MPs cannot call for Nationwide Strike


Papua New Guinea Opposition Facebook MPs can not call a strike as an Elected Leaders - Floor of Parliament is the right place to debate with Govt

A nation wide strike is not the way to mislead people into disrepute on the 11th hour of the APEC. Every elected leaders and responsible Papua New Guineans will do everything at this time to ensure that the APEC is delivered without any domestic political fuse to dispute what is wrong and right. We have committed too much to the APEC and this is not an event that one politician in this great country to politicise.

Political leaders have parliamentary avenues to exercise democratic rights on behalf of the people. The public servants and the business community are supporting the APEC and remaining committed until the APEC is delivered. We request every responsible politicians to be one in supporting this historical world meeting event in PNG and postpone all other interests after APEC. These kind of concerns can be expressed after the APEC not now because international media can portray security issues when we are couple of weeks away from the arrival of the APEC World Leaders in PNG.

Ilegal strikes motivated by poltical jealous and hatrate. As long as it is always for politcs there is nothing good for the country. We have done lots of strikes and protests in the past but what have we achieved. Only loss of lives, disruption of schools and student education, stop business and chaos. Politicians fight for their own political agenda using students, activists, public servants on Facebook is illegal and out of political sights. It wont change anything. Only when piliticians change for the good of PNG will see change.

We will not be moved by Kramer or Juffa or Bird. They emotionalise issues but never provide anything concrete and long term solution. You are not different to Don Polye, Ben Micah and many other politcians who thought they could easily oust a sitting Prime Minister by strikes and protests. You have worked so hard to bring Peter O'Neill and PNC done during the 2017 elections but he is back in power by the mandate of the people to serve the people of PNG. Stop cooking up lies. When you say you want to do for the future of the children by organising a violence and protest, can't you see what Peter O'Neill and his government is doing for the Children over the last 7 years with free education. The statistics proof that they are many children in the class room than ever before. Of course they are issues and challanges but it is a reality that there is no fact in the world where everything happens to you liking. Garry Juffa, Kramer and Bird are operating in this mindset where they think they have some quick fix solution to PNG issues.

We can not be mislead by this fallasy and fantasy. We need real leaders with balls to make tough deacisions necessary to change the cause of our children future. Not short cuts like them. The O’Neill government has already set the pace for change. They need to remain focus and genuine to reap the frutis of the policy and legislative refroms they have started. There is no other way to move forward. People must be supported and enaged to productive endveours and meaningful activtiies to proudly drive their own destiny and future of our country.
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