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Six elementary schools chosen for e-library trial

THE Australia Government initiative “Library for all” has chosen six rural elementary schools in three provinces to participate in the trial of its e-library application.
One of them is the Pinu Elementary School in the Kairuku district of Central.
The e-library is pre-loaded with more than 100 e–books which contain stories and pictures of local people and places, festivals, flora and fauna which reflect the everyday life and culture of PNG.
Head teacher of the Pinu Elementary School Rose Ovia said the technology would support and improve literacy skills.
“It will provide literature to children’s fingertips and give them the drive to learn how to read. I hope this initiative will boost the reading levels of our elementary school students,” he said.
Parent Theresa Allan is also impressed.
“Reading a story from a tablet makes it easier for my child. I am happy because I know he is reading and learning,” Allan said.
The application is designed to be used in low-bandwidth environments using low-cost tablets and mobile phones.
Gretel Matawan, content coordinator for Library For All said they would also train teachers on how to use the technology.
“The aim is to increase access to literacy and numeracy and learning for children,” she said. Statement
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