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Cancer patient gets help from China-PNG Friendship Association

THE CHINA-Papua New Guinea Friendship Association donated K95,500 to a cancer patient in Port Moresby this week.
Esther Yamasombi, from Yangoru, East Sepik Province, has been suffering from Tonsil Tumour (cancer of the throat) since 2016. Esther is the wife of the Assistant Commissioner of Police and Commander NCD/Central, Mr Donald Yamasombi.
The China-PNG Friendship Association gave this medical support after it heard about Mr Yamasombi’s wife’s medical condition.
The association is made up of the Chinese Community in PNG. It helps support community work in terms of education, medication and many other charity work. It has been in PNG for about 10 years.
Vani Nades, the Ambassador for the association said the association is always quick to respond when there is a need. She said people must know and appreciate the help the association gives to help improve lives of Papua New Guineans.
Mr Yamasombi who was present to receive the medical support on behalf of his wife said there was no treatment in PNG for his wife’s sickness so she was put on antibiotic and herbal medications since then. The family hoped she would recover, however in February 2018 the tumour became unbearable for her so she was taken back to the clinic for scanning.
On the 1st of June 2018, the family was told that Mrs Yamasombi had cancer of the Tonsil. The medical help in PNG hospitals was not up to standard to treat her so she was sent home to East Sepik for traditional medication.
Mr Yamasombi said, “I really wanted to take her for proper medical treatment but the cost was too high.
“I remember in late November, I was sitting in my office when three friends, who learnt of my wife’s condition came over to me and advised me to write a letter of appeal to their association known as the China-PNG Friendship Association and they will see how they can help my wife.”
He said the response to the request was very fast and overwhelming. He thanked the association for this great support to his wife’s medical condition.
Also present to witness this presentation was Mrs Yamasombi’s uncle, Ambassador Gabriel Dusava. He thanked the association for their generosity towards his niece.

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