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Port Moresby Police Officer charged for sexual penetration dismissed

CONSTABLE LEO Kambao based at the Port Moresby's  Hohola Police Station was dismissed from the Force after being charged for sexual penetration.
Police Internal Affairs Director Chief Superintendent Robert Ali said Kambao had other outstanding charges going back as far as 2013.
In 2013 Kambao was charged criminally with five counts and was found guilty on all counts by two different judges. He was found guilty and sentenced to prison for two years.
Apart from the criminal charges, he was also served with 27 Serious Disciplinary Offences Report (SDOR), these are administrative actions taken on members of the Constabulary. Eighteen of the 27 charges were sustained. The deliberations and the recommendations from the panel for the sustained 18 charges was an administrative dismissal from the force for all of them.
Mr Ali said the moment a policeman is convicted by the court, Section 33.2 of the Police Act states that he is automatically dismissed from the force.
He said the conviction and sentence was not served on him and was pending until the alleged incident at Hohola Police Station on January 10 this year.
Meanwhile, the administrative charges for the other suspect Ben Trepi who was also charged for the same incident has already commenced.
Police Commissioner Gari Baki said he will be looking into the reasons why the disciplinary processes were not effective and not served in a timely manner on the constable in question. Police Media

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