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K100,000 cash reward for information on stolen cigarettes

A K100,000 cash reward has now been offered for information leading to the recovery of 100 cartons of cigarettes (Cambridge) and 68 cartons of Spear, stolen from a Choulai delivery vehicle at around 11am on Saturday morning 19 January along the 2 Mile Hill in Port Moresby.

Thieves wearing police field uniforms flagged down and commandeered the vehicle transporting the cigarettes and spear and later abandoned the vehicle at Hohola Number 4.
Port Moresby police is calling on anyone with information  to come forward.  "We are following on some leads and expect to be making arrests soon. In the meantime we advise all members of the public to be on the lookout as we suspect the thieves are trying to sell the stolen items.

All store owners are also advised not to buy these items as well. If caught you will be arrested for being on possession of stolen items.
Please be on the look out for the serial numbers on these boxes: 41018K37 - 40 cases; 41028K41 - 70 cases; 41028K42 - 50 cases.
Please help us to prevent such criminals acts from occurring again. Thank you.


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