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East New Britain reports one Casualty following Heavy rains

East New Britain has a first casualty in the current disaster caused by the continuous rain.

Our reporter on the ground, Samson Clayton Well was at the scene at the Kerevat River on Monday afternoon when four young men were crossing the river.

Three managed to make it to the other side but the fourth was swept away by the raging flood at 6:15pm that evening.

A search party has been searching but their effort is being hampered by the flood and continuous rain.

Meanwhile, East New Britain Governor Nakikus Konga has released an official statement calling on the public in the Province to take extra precautions.

He said the worst affected areas are from Malaguna Number 3 in the Rabaul District to Malapau in the Kokopo District.

Fifty houses at Malaguna Number 3 have been washed away by flood and the main Highway cut off.

He also told the public he had been advised by the National Weather Service that heavy rain will persist for the next five days. FM100

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