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Four former PMs in Solomon Islands in the race

Four former Solomon Islands prime ministers are seeking re-election in the upcoming National General Elections on April 3.

They are Manasseh Sogavare, Gordon Darcy Lilo, Danny Philip and Dr Derek Sikua.

Sogavare is contesting East Choiseul again as Independent member as he done in 2014 NGE.

Lilo is looking to retain the Gizo Kolombangara seat after he lost it twice; to Jimson Tanangada in 2014 and his wife, Lannelle, during the by-election in May last year.

The by-election took place after Jimson lost an election petition case lodged by Lilo in High Court.

He is leading Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA) in the elections.

Philip will try to continue his reign in the South New Georgia, Rendova, Tetepare after he re-claimed it in 2010. Prior to his comeback in 2010, he was out for more than 16 years in the political wilderness.

Sikua is trying to retain his seat in North East Guadalcanal with Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP).

On the other hand, sons of two former PMs, Peter Kenilorea Junior and Solomon Mamaloni Junior are contesting in the elections as well.

Kenilorea Jnr is contesting the East Are Are seat as leader of Solomon Islands United Party (SIUP).

Mamaloni Jnr is contesting the West Makira seat under Kadere Party of Solomon Islands.

The question tossing around in social media and public domain is who is fit and going to lead Solomon Island after the elections?.


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