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Five Solomon Islands political parties exclude women

Five  political parties in Solomon Islands have not fielded any female candidates ahead of the National General Elections on April 3.
They are Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA), United Democratic Party (UDP), Peoples Alliance Party (PAP), Green Party of Solomon Islands (GPSI) and Peoples Progressive Party (PPP).

Registrar of the Political Parties Commission Nairi Alamu these parties have not breached the Political Parties Integrity Act, which has a provision to accommodate 10 percent of women.

Alamu said these parties have informed the Commission that no women wanted to join them.

She said the Commission accepted the reason because parties cannot force any woman to join them just to fulfil the provision.

“The party select and endorse their candidates.

“If no woman, the party can’t force against her will to be a party candidate,” she said.

Under Section 48 (1) of the PPIA, a political party shall reserve for women, at least 10 percent of the total number of candidates it selects and endorses to contest and election.

In Section 48 (2), Where the minimum number of women who have applied or agreed to be nominated as candidates of a political party is less than the number of women required by the political party to satisfy subsection (1), such a political party will not have contravened this section.

A total of 19 female candidates have registered under different parties to contest the election.

Two females, Ellen Maruarofa and Eunice Palata have registered under Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP).

Lannelle Tanangada and Freda Tuki have registered under Kadere Party.

Percy had registered under National Transformation Party of Solomon Islands.

Everlyn Tautai, Caroline Laore, Mary Kita, Jacobeth Maneira and Mary Alalo have registered under Democratic Alliance Party (DAP).

Judy Naqu, Cathy Nori and Julie Haro have registered under Solomon Islands United Party (UP).

Joyce Konofilia, Selina Bera, Patricia Dallu, Nelly Nori and Clera Rikimani have registered under Solomon Islands People First Party (SIPFP).

Sophia Munamua Chonic had registered under Solomon Islands Pan-Melanesian Congress Party.


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