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Malaysia gifts to PNG Operation Open Heart

The Operation Open Heart team has successfully operated on close to 2000 cardiac patients in Papua New Guinea over the years and will increase its number of patients this year with overwhelming support from development partners.

This week, Malaysian Association donated K20,000 towards the Operation Open Heart team to further carryout their operations this year.

Malaysian Association has supported the Open Heart Program since 2006 through its fundraising activities and this year marks the 13th year of this significant partnership.
Dr Noah Tapau, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at the Port Moresby General Hospital thanked the Malaysian Business Association for their valuable contribution since the establishment of the program in the country.

‘’Your contributions have gone a long way reaching the periphery of PNG because we treat patients that come right from the village in all corners of the country.’’

‘’Apart from the treatments, the hospital is able to provide training of health workers and we are grateful, said, Dr Tapau.

Another K200, 000 was also presented to the Port Moresby General Hospital with the aim to further strengthen the partnership it has with the people of PNG.

It has been 18 years since the establishment of the partnership back in year 2000 and an overwhelming support, both in cash and kind had been forthcoming.

The Ambassador for Malaysia Mohamad Nasri said a total of K2.3 million had been donated to Port Moresby General Hospital over 18 years by Malaysian Association of PNG  and  they are happy to continue the support to save many lives.

‘’The Malaysian community has been around for almost 30 years in the country and I believe it’s about time we give back to the community with the believe that this cooperation of people helping people will connect people of Malaysian and PNG.

‘’I hope that by doing this, the two countries will be prosperous and grow together ‘’, said Mr Nasri. PNGFM/PNG Today


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