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Former Cowboys Stars help break Trukai Fun Run Auction Record

It was a night of records as the Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee (PNGOC) for the first time sold over 61,200 T-shirts for the Trukai Fun in both Port Moresby and Lae raising K612,000.

21,100 shirts were sold for K211,000 in Lae on Wednesday, March 6 while another 40,100 were sold for K401,000 in Port Moresby the following night.

Over 50 bidders put their hand up to buy shirts in Port Moresby and be part of the occasion this year. Raumai 18, Traisa Transport, Prima Small Goods Motorist Discount Centre and JKT Lim were the top five bidders in Lae.

In Port Moresby, National Gaming Control Board was the highest bidder with a purchase of 5,000 T-shirts covering seven schools. The other four bidders were Delivered Project Management (4,300), Bank of PNG (4,000), Sir Brian Bell Foundation (3,300) and International Training Institute (2,100).

This was the first time over 40,000 shirts were sold in one night and President of the PNG Olympic Committee, Sir John Dawanincura thanked Trukai Industries and country’s corporate sector for making it a very successful evening.

“On behalf of Team PNG I wish to thank all the organisations for buying a table and bidding for the Trukai Fun Run shirts tonight and helping our athletes achieve their dreams,” Sir John said.

Chief Executive Officer of Trukai Industries, Greg Worthington-Eyre joined Sir John in acknowledging the support of the corporate community in both Lae and Port Moresby.

He said the Fun Run is more than just a fundraising event, it also provides special opportunities for people in different ways.

Worthington-Eyre added that a further 38,800 shirts are left to sell before the Fun Run on June 16 and appealed to those who wish to buy them to contact Trukai or the PNG Olympic Committee.

The auctions this year had a special touch with former Australian and North Queensland rugby league stars, Johnathan Thurston and Brent Tate being special guests.
Both men took the time to share some experiences and meet guests while also answering some questions from the audience.

Thurston said helping communities through sports, education and healthy living is something he is also passionate about and participates in similar activities with the Cowboys.

This year marks 20 years of Trukai Industries as the major sponsor of the Fun Run and Worthington-Eyre said it is their largest corporate social responsibility programme.

“It is one that we work hard to organize and run every year because we believe in the what does in providing different opportunities for people while also helping the PNG Olympic Committee raise much needed funds to Team PNG,” Worthington-Eyre said.

Trukai also announced that they are extending their support of the Cowboys in the National Rugby League. Last year marked a decade of their partnership with the Cowboys and they were happy to extend that further.

Trukai will also be celebrating their 50th year of existence in PNG in 2020 and the CEO said it is going to be another celebration.

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