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Sale of Cooked food in Public Places in Port Moresby is illegal

Port Moresby residents have been warned not to sell cooked food in public places because of health risks.

National Capital District Commission (NCDC) city manager Bernard Kipit in a statement said NCDC was concerned with the increasing activities of cooking and selling of food and other goods in public places including bus stops and in front of shops.

Kipit said other goods included selling of betel nut.

“These activities contribute to the increased number of litter, petty crimes, and other relevant issues of health and safety within public places in the city,” Kipit said.

“These activities are deemed risks to public health, and safety and hazardous to traffic and contribute to the unsightly condition of the city.”

Kipit issued a 14-day notice as of March 5 advising the public to cease such activities in public places.

“This notice is necessary pursuant to Public Health (sanitation and general) Regulation, Food Sanitation Regulation and informal sector development and control act,” he said.

He urged the residents to comply with the direction as it was in the best interest of health and safety.
“The public is also requested to observe cleanliness and traffic regulations.

“NCDC strongly encourages vending to take place in existing established markets with all due care and consideration for health and hygiene. NCDC advises that after the lapse of the 14 days’ notice period, its enforcement agencies will not hesitate to physically remove offending persons within public places, including bus stops and traffic intersections.”

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