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Port Moresby Governor Parkop calls on City residents to change for better healthy living

PORT MORESBY: National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop has called all residents of Port Moresby to be the change they want to see in the City.

The Active City Development Programme provides this platform for all residents to come out and let their voice be heard; and drive the change they want to see in the Capital City. “It starts with you,” says Governor Parkop.

In this week’s Active City - Walk and Yoga for Life event, Governor Parkop continued to emphasise on the importance of health, wellness and fitness which is an important prerequisite for greater success in life.

Governor Parkop has always been a big advocate of health and fitness, as well as self-respect and self-honour. He reminded participants that they must always turn up in the best version of themselves including wearing proper attire, washing, shaving and looking their best.

“This is one time in the week you turn up for yourself; so just as much as you turn up in your best for work, school, church service, wedding, funerals and other such occasions, turn up in your best too for yourself. When you honour and take care of yourself, than you will be able to take care of your family, your community, your work, your city and your country better. The journey to a greater future starts with the individuals. It starts with you.”

In the usual 8-kilometre walk from Murray Barracks to the ring road, a growing crowd of over 10,000 people walked the streets again today (Sunday, March 10, 2019) with their families and in support of a movement of change in the City.

The stage at the end of the walk saw various displays of talents which #Amazing Port Moresby has to offer to resident and visitors, and they include modern and traditional dancing, singing, acrobatic, circus performance and others.

Governor Parkop in his speech also commended participants for thinking about their health and wellness, saying: “When you are fit, healthy and well, you have a better future for you, your children and your entire family”.

“Do the hard yard, follow the process and you will arrive there. There is no short cut in life. There is no short cut to good health and wellness,” said a fit, well and healthy Parkop.

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