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PNGTV News announces its closure

Click TV’s local channel PNG TV has brought to an end its daily news bulletin opting to refocus its energies in weekly local content.

This closure of PNG TV News is part of a product repositioning exercise that recognizes the dramatic change in the markets’ behavior in as far as news is concerned.

PNG TVs’ Managing Director Mr. Richard Broadbridge attributes this change to the dynamic and exponential growth of the Information Communication Technology platform.

“Consumers now have greater freedom and choice on how they get their news and information in general” said Mr. Broadbridge.

“Social Media is now a valid source of news that is available around the clock” he added.

PNG TV recognizes that this transition has created new opportunities to partner with viewers in their quest

for information of not only what is happening around them but also on how they can attain a happy and healthy life.

“This decision was not an easy one to make. Social media has changed circumstances in our market – cheaper internet and citizen journalism has meant that products like PNG TV are becoming lost in the crowd.
The advertising market is also not strong. Advertisers have a lot of choice. Another news package is not necessarily where they want to spend their money”, Broadbridge added PNG TV will continue to have a local content presence and certain staff will be retained to produce content that not so easily available online by its competitors.

The company acknowledged the hard-working staff who provided coverage of the 2017 General Elections and APEC 2018.

“Belinda Kora molded a young, energetic team and we do see some of them playing a vital role in our quest to improve our local content line up and increase advertising revenue. We would like to thank Belinda and her team for the hours they put into the news package.

We need to continue to change and staff acknowledge that”, Broadbridge said

A new content slate in 2019 includes a new music show, health program, sports highlights show, Battle of the Bands and coverage of the Coca Cola National Schools Rugby League Cup with PNGRFL.

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