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Governor Parkop commended for transforming City of Port Moresby

Independence Drive Port Moresby 

By Joylyne Karato

A taxi company owner has joined the chorus of praises heaped on NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and City Manager Bernard Kipit for working tirelessly together to have delivered infrastructure developments in the city.

Paul Neninga, who comes from Western Highlands, said the city is transforming in terms of infrastructure and that every vehicle owner should appreciate the development compared to other centers.

“When we talk about roads in the city, our Governor-with the NCDC Management-is delivering as they speak and that is through co-orporation and partnership.

“Governor Parkop has portrayed an excellent leadership in the city of Port Moresby unlike other centers. Because of political stability, he is delivering to the highest standards and beyond expectation,” he said.

Neninga said despite challenges, now the city is ready with the infrastructures to deal with the largest population it has.

“These are the types of services that our other leaders are required to provide,” he said.

"I bought a car in 2000. It is running and still in good condition.

“I use it as a taxi and provide food on the table for my family. Due to our own carelessness, our vehicles break down and it is not to do with the road condition that is of very high standard,” he said.

He appealed to fellow city dwellers s to take ownership of the infrastructural developments and care for them, saying in doing so will contribute to a brighter future.

Neninga extended his call to all PMV and Taxi owners to help the commission by doing their bit by reporting ill activities or increasing awareness on various programs it runs to make the city safe, active, clean, healthy, smart and great.

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