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PNGEC proposes new dates for LLG Elections, Minister to approve

Commissioner Gamato says the electoral commission is proposing amended dates for the Local Level Government elections.

The LLG elections were supposed to have started on Thursday April 25th with the issue of writs, Nominations close on Thursday, 2 May, Polling starts on Thursday, 9 May, Polling ends on Wednesday, 22 May and Writs returned on or before Thursday, 13 June.
however, it has been moved.

He told the NBC National Press Club (Monday 25.03) that by law the new dates are to cater for the 8 to eleven weeks of campaigning.

"And I'll announce these dates subject to ministerial approval.

"So the new dates I've proposed to the minister is Thursday April 25 Issue of Writs, Nomination opens and Campaigning also starts.

"Nomination closes Thursday May 2, Campaigning closes Friday June 21, Polling starts Saturday June 22, Polling closes Saturday July 6, and Writs returned Friday July 26.

"These new dates accommodates the 8 weeks minimum, by law, for the Electoral Commission to conduct the election," Mr Gamato said.

NBC News /PNG Today

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