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Basil prefers National Elections over Vote of No Confidence

The mover of the last two unsuccessful Vote Of No Confidence motions in the last parliament, says he is now against the idea of changing a people-elected government and Prime Minister midway through their terms.

New PNG Finance Minister and Bulolo MP, Samuel H. Basil (pictured last Tuesday in Eriku), is being criticized heavily on social media for joining the government ranks after the 2017 national general elections despite leading a campaign aiming to remove Prime Minister Peter O'Neill from power, made this statement on Tuesday in Lae while announcing to Pangu Pati supporters that he and 14 other MPs have resigned and will form a new party or join another party.

The Bulolo MP who spent nine and half years in Opposition in the last two parliament terms said his district became one of the least favored districts in terms of government priority on almost all economic projects, and said he is now adamant to lead his team to remain in government for the remaining two and half years.

For the former Opposition strongman and anti-corruption advocate, Vote of No Confidence motions on the parliament floor, still does not reflect the wishes of the people who voted in the first place.

The new Finance Minister argued that having MPs move freely between the Government and Opposition and changing the PM in the process during a VONC, months into a new parliament, will not really make an impact, as corrupt MPs are still teaming up with the non-corrupt MPs and their political parties.

He argued the people must be wise to choose good leaders from development-driven parties and policies, who will in turn run a true government reflective on the leaders the people chose.

Minister Basil said the people have to bear the consequences of their actions if a bad government get voted in and can only really do change in the next elections.

Minister Basil who recently walked out from the embattled Pangu Pati with 14 other MPs after his four years leadership was challenged said if he is in a position of power, he will push for the revocation of the VONC.

NBC News/PNG Today

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