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Opposition have no Policies, cannot rescue PNG, says Atiyafa

Henganofi MP Robert Atiyafa told a gathering in his district in Eastern Highlands this week that the looming vote of no confidence will not topple the current Peter O’Neill led government.

Mr Atiyafa said this was because the alternative government has not clearly stated their policies on how they would rescue the country but rather propagating baseless allegations on corrupt practices against the Prime Minister.

He also said the alternative government has not detailed the corrupt practices against the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and further fell short to outline their alternate policies about how they would rescue the country from the broad allegations of mismanagement.

“The moves Members will make has already happened and those of us that are remaining with the government will be loyal to the current government until 2022,” Mr Atiyafa said.

“We must realize from our political history that only PNC and the NA parties were elected by the people to form government during the national elections unlike other Prime Ministers who have manipulated the systems to become Prime Ministers of this country.”

“That is why the current PNC government is expected to remain until 2022 for the people to decide during the polling.”

Mr Atiyafa also told his people that the looming vote of no confidence is not for the interest of the people and the country but is a fight among few leaders over the benefits of the LNG projects in the country.

He told his people not to be misled by the vote of no confidence but to remain focused on the services and developments delivered by the national government.

Mr Atiyafa was recently appointed through a motion in Parliament as a member of the Private Business Committee who will deliberate on the motion of no confidence.

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