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PM O'Neill thanks PNC Party Members' 'Undivided Support'

The Prime Minister, . Peter O’Neill  has thanked Members of the People’s
National Congress Caucus for their ongoing support, and highlighted that with 38 Members, under his leadership, the party maintains its mandate to lead the Government.

The PNC Party Caucus met last night ahead of the upcoming session of Parliament.

“In our party room we have 38 Members of Parliament supporting my leadership, and the
direction our party is taking in the remains three years before we prepare for the 2022
National Elections,” the Prime Minister said after the caucus meeting.

“This is an unquestionable demonstration of the strength and stability of our Party Caucus
and of the Coalition Government.

“Working with our Coalition Partners, our Government has demonstrated what can be
achieved though stability and strong policies that work for the good of our people.

“Our Government has continued the policy agenda of the last Parliament in delivering vital services and infrastructure to our people in all areas of our country.

“Never in the history of our Nation have we seen so many children in schools, so many more hospitals and healthcare centres opened, and so many new airports, roads, jetties and other infrastructure built.

“Our work is not yet complete, and that is why a Government is elected for five years so that
policy can continue to be turned into reality for our people.

“This Government is determined to see our policy agenda delivered over the term of this
Parliament, and then we will go to the people for their judgment at the 2022 elections.

“Over the coming three years we have maintained clear policies that will increase the number of teachers for our students, and will improve the supply of medicines and increase
the number of doctors and nurses.

“We will continue to attract more foreign investment because the global business community can see again the stability we have in our Government and the continuity of our policies.

“In the coming years we will see the start of the construction phase of the Papua LNG
project, that will create more than ten thousand jobs, and thousands more in related support to the project.

“We will see the increase in the number of people in remote and rural areas who are
connected to electricity, and that will increase to 70 per cent coverage of our population by

“Soon we will connect the new undersea cable that will make Internet cheaper and faster
and more accessible to millions of people across our country.

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