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PNG in dual citizenship wrangle amid claims PM Peter O'Neill holds an Australian passport

Papua New Guinea's Attorney-General has ordered a review of the citizenship status of all 111 members of Parliament, after an opposition MP accused Prime Minister Peter O'Neill of being a dual citizen.

Outspoken Opposition MP Bryan Kramer posted on social media that he believes O'Neill is a dual citizen of PNG and Australia, through his Australian-born father, which would make him ineligible to be an MP.

Kramer is yet to provide proof of the claim.

"This is yet another fake news story," Peter O'Neill declared, saying he has only ever been a citizen of PNG.

"I have never had any other citizen except PNG by birth," he said, adding that he was born in a remote small village called Mamuane near the border of Gulf and SHP (Southern Highlands Province).

PNG Attorney-General Alfred Manase said he had written to the Immigration Minister to immediately review the citizenship status of all MPs

"If we find that someone has got dual citizenship, then the process will ensure that they're dealt with," he said.

Manase said applications for dual citizenships are processed through the immigration department.

"So obviously if the Prime Minister has applied for it, the records will be there," he said.

Like Australia, you cannot be an MP in PNG if you are a dual citizen.

Earlier this month, the PNG Prime Minister staved off an attack on his leadership by adjourning the country's Parliament for three weeks ahead of a planned vote of no confidence in him.

Despite insisting it would have a majority, the Opposition bloc that was trying to oust PM O’Neill fell short of the numbers when Parliament sat.


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