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PNG Opposition to form new government

The Papua New Guinea Opposition will put in place a  new government soon as their numbers swell after Prime Minister Peter O'Neill stood down on Sunday.  The opposition camp at Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby  is now locked down  as the alternative government consolidates its number and go to work to officially form a new government in the coming days.

The Laguna camp during the week has been getting in more members that have crossed over from the government team at the Crown Hotel, including 11 members from the United Resource Party (URP) lead by the Party Leader himself, William Duma. Today to top it off two more members, the Member for Ijivitari Richard Masere and the Minister for Environment and Member for Kompiam Ambum John Pundari, joined.

Member for Tari Pori James Marape said despite the recent changes that have taken place at the Crown Camp, the Laguna Camp is proceeding to put together a new government.

“We will organize the structure of our own government and once we are comforted in knowing that we have the alternate government structure in place, we will be in business to talk to anyone and going forward from here on,” Marape said.

Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch while welcoming the two members to the camp, also reminded the government agencies that a new government is being put together and they will be seeking their assistance in identifying the national issues that need attention.

“We will be in the next few days asking you to come forward to brief the alternative government on what the state of the economy is, what are the major issues in terms of needing practical solutions moving forward,” said the Opposition Leader.

“We stand ready to resolve some of the major issues and reverse some of the negative trends that have taken place in the government of O’Neill and Abel and we stand ready to review some of the decisions.”

“We will have no problem to put a stop to some of the arrangements that we feel that are not in the interest of our country. We will review and if they are not a priority of the new government, we can postpone some of the execution of those programs.”

“We are in serious business to put a government. Whatever is happening on the other side is irrelevant to this team, we are very focused in taking back the country, we are very focused on ensuring our citizens deserve what is right. What has been missing in the last seven years we want to correct that and ensure that we attend to their basic needs and requirements,” said Pruaitch.

Mr. Marape then announced the confirmed names of the members in the Camp;

The list of the 63 confirmed Members of Parliament (MP) at the Laguna Camp,

1. Opposition Leader and MP for Aitape Lumi-Patrick Pruaitch

2. MP South Bougainville- Timothy Masiu

3. MP Moresby South- Sir Mekere Morauta

4. Governor East Sepik- Allen Bird

5. MP Vanimo Green- Belden Namah

6. MP Rabaul- Dr. Allen Marat

7. MP Sinesine Yongomul- Kerenga Kua

8. Governor Oro- Gerry Juffa

9. Governor Eastern Highlands- Peter Numu

10. MP Namatanai- Walter Schnaubelt

11. MP Kavieng- Ian Ling- Stuckey

12. MP Wabag- Dr. Lino Tom

13. MP Madang- Bryan Kramer

14. MP Kairuku Hiri- Peter Iso Aimo

15. MP Nuku-Joe Sungi

16. MP NorthFly- James Donald

17. MP SouthFly- Segie Agisa

18. MP Kerema- Richard Mendani

19. MP Kandrian Gloucster- Joseph Lelang

20. MP NorthBougainville- William Nakin

21. MP HuonGulf- Ross Seymour

22. MP Bogia- Robert Naguri

23. MP Samarai Murua- Isi Henry Leonard

24. MP Angoram-Salio Waipo

25. Governor West Sepik- Tony Wouwou

26. MP TariPori- James Marape

27. Governor Enga- Sir Peter Ipatas

28. Governor Jiwaka- Dr. William Tongap

29. Governor Southern Highlands- William Powi

30. Governor Hela- Philip Undialu

31. MP Abau-Sir Puka Temu

32. Governor Manus- Charlie Benjamin

33. Governor West New Britain- Sasindran Muthuvel

34. Governor Western- Taboi Awi Yoto

35. Governor Morobe- Ginson Saonu

36. Governor Central- Robert Agarobe

37. MP Esa’ala-Davis Steven

38. MP Telefomin- Solan Mirisim

39. MP Komo Magarima- Manasseh Makiba

40. MP Maprik- John Simon

41. MP Wasara Gawi- Joseph Yopiyopi

42. MP Usino Bundi- Jimmy Uguro

43. MP Okapa- Saki Soloma

44. MP Karamui Nomane- Jeffery Kama

45. MP Daulo- Pogoi Gate

46. MP Lae-John Roso

47. MP Finschhafen- Rainbow Paita

48. MP Goilala- William Samb

49. MP Tawai Siassi- Dr. Kobby Bomarea

50. MP Chuave- Wera Mori

51. MP Imbongu- Pila Niningi

52. MP Mt. Hagen- William Duma

53. MP Gazelle- Jelta Wong

54. MP Bougainville-Joe Lera

55. MP Middle Ramu- Jonny Alonk

56. MP Obura Wonenara- Mehrra Kipefa

57. MP Kundiawa Gembongl- William Onglo

58. MP Sohe-Henry Amuli

59. MP Anglimp South Wagih- Joe Kuli

60. Governor Simbu- Michael Dua

61. MP Lagaip Pogera- Tomait Kapili

62. MP Ijivitari- Richard Masere

63. MP Kombiam Ambum- John Pundari

Meanwhile, two members from the Crown Camp who turned up at Laguna to join the team were turned back due to the camp already under lock down.

The two were told to return to their homes and await further instructions from the Opposition.

The Laguna camp commenced its lock down at 12pm right after the Member for Kompiam Ambum drove into the camp to join the team. It will remain under lock down till Tuesday when parliament resumes its sitting.

Legend FM / PNG Today

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