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PNG Politics : Marape joins Pangu Party

The PNG Opposition's alternate prime minister and Tari-Pori MP James Marape and his team of 15 MP's who've defected from the People's National Congress have now joined PANGU Pati.

Both the government breakaway group and the Opposition are keeping camp at the Laguna Hotel in Port Moresby.

Yesterday, 6 MP's comprising Goilala's William Samb, Lae's John Rosso, Finschaffen's Renbo Paita, Tewai-Siassi's Doctor Kobby Bomareo and Central Governor Robert Agarobe, announced they've returned to PANGU, the party they resigned from last week, and broke ranks with Leader Sam Basil and the other 9 MP's who are with the government group.

PANGU numbers is now at 21, with the inclusion of Mr Marape and his 15-member group into the party.

Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu who was the lone MP left behind in the PANGU formally invited Mr Marape and his group to join today, which he's agreed.

Mr Saonu says the new-look party is ready to address national issues.

Mr Marape says PANGU is a political icon in the country and the right thing for his group was to join the party.

He says, PANGU is in alliance with the People's Party comprising 3 MP's, and one each from the Triumph Heritage Empowerment and Social Democratic Party, bringing the number up to 26.

Mr Marape says this group of 26 will combine with the National Alliance-led Opposition.

Mr Marape says they will announce some party policies of the PANGU in the coming weeks and how they intend to lead the country.

NBC News/ PNG today

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