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PNG Politics Updates : Nakikus, Douglass back flip Opposition Camp to Government

Hon. Douglas Tomuriesa Member for Kiriwina Goodenough  and East New Britain governor Hon. Nakikus Konga have back flipped the opposition and returned to the government side. Governor Konga  despite turning up at the alternate Government camp based at Laguna Hotel this morning returned to the government camp  in the afternoon.

Earlier in the  morning at the Laguna Hotel camp Mr Konga turned up and was met by Hon.James Marape.
He had arrived from a flight out of Kokopo.
Mr Konga had stated then he was still with his People’s Progress Party.
After a brief chat Mr Konga left Laguna with Governor for Enga Sir Peter Ipatas.
Sir Peter Ipatas returned on his own late this afternoon.

Kiriwana Goodenough MP also returned to the government camp and was met by Port Moresby South MP Justin Tkatchenko.

.......more to come...

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