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America ready to work with Bougainville

The United States of America will continue to work with the Government of Bougainville and PAPUA NEW GUINEA to make sure that the Peace Agreement is implemented to the full with the Referendum to come.
 This was revealed by JENNIFER SPANDE deputy Director of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Islands at the US state Department in Washington DC. She revealed this when talking live on New Dawn FM .

MS SPANDE said that the United states are working to support the Peace process and are happy that the PNG National Government has finally made TWENTY MILLION KINA payments to the Bougainville Referendum Commission to prepare enrolment of all eligible voters for the referendum. She said that the US hopes to see the referendum conducted peacefully and finally end the long conflict once and for all. This was the first visit by JENNIFER SPANDE to Bougainville and she enjoyed talking with government leaders on her trip to Bougainville. She returned to Port Moresby today.

 New Dawn FM News / PNG Today

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