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PNG Parliament to deal with UBS Loan Report,says PM Marape

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape says Parliament will deal with the Ombudsman Commission investigation report into the Union Bank of Switzerland, or UBS report in time.

The report was completed by the commission and handed to Parliament since.

However, it has yet to be tabled on the floor.

Recently it was leaked on social media.

The report found that the Government may have breached 15 laws when acquiring the UBS Loan.

Ialibu-Pangia MP, Peter O'Neill has slammed the leaking of the report, saying it was clearly political accusing Opposition MP's of playing a dirty game, which has eventually led to his ousting as prime minister.

Prime Minister James Marape told journalists during his swearing-in at the Government House, that the UBS report will follow reporting and tabling processes before any further action can be considered.

"This is part of the process which the Ombudsman Commission has started.

"We've asked for it and the commission has tabled it (to Speaker).

"Parliament will be privy to the report.

"Whenever Parliament convenes next we will take it on from there."

NBC News/ PNG Today

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